Back Up



Network Monkeys offers both on-site and in-house services. Whether you come to us, or we come to you, your computer issues are handled efficiently and effectively, by Certified Technicians. Network Monkeys, the best VALUE anywhere!


Our rates are as follows:

In-House             $69.00/ Hr                

On-Site                $89.00/ Hr 


Diagnostic Fee (In-House): PC/MAC  $20.00


Business: From large corporations to small business, Network Monkeys has been successful in design, install and maintenance of           networks from 2 to 200 clients. Whether you need the latest in remote access and wireless technologies, or want to upgrade your Microsoft or Linux servers, Network Monkeys can implement changes in your time frame and that will fit your budget. 


Consumer: If you need help with your computer at home and do not want to lug it to our office, Network Monkeys offer Residential On-Site service. From setting up new computers, printers, wireless routers, or even repairing your computer, we do the job right, right in your home. We also do one-on-one training in the comfort of your own home. Call and schedule your appointment today.


Wireless: Network Monkeys was wireless before wireless was cool. We have mastered point-to-point bridging, wireless security and even public hotspots with Power-over-Ethernet technology. From survey of your layout, to design and installation of your wireless network, let us show you  how easy and affordable wireless networks can be for home and business applications.


Ethernet: Need some data cabling installed? Is your network pushing and pulling data at an acceptable rate? If you need to know, call the Monkeys. Whether CAT 5E or CAT 6 Plenum is what you need, let us quote you a price. Maybe patch panels or server racks are your thing. No problem! We specialize in design and migration  of older networks to newer standards.


Back Up: Backing up your data is crucial to business owners and professionals. Even home users want a secondary plan so they don't lose pictures, music and other sentimental documents on their computers. That is why we offer many many forms of backing up data and documents, from servers built with RAID capabilities to external back-up drives for PC, MAC and laptops.  We have remote back-up solutions at an affordable price. We know how important it is to back up your data, now let us show you how easy  it is to get "redundant".


Security: System security is a nasty game of cat and mouse. New vulnerabilities are discovered daily, and multitudes of patches are released and not utilized. New systems from major manufactuurers are behind th etimes straight out of the box. One hole can let an attacker right into your data. Let our certified technicians give you a real-world assessment and all the corrective measures you will need to surf and correspond safely and securely.